Gli strumenti per iniziare a sviluppare pagine Web

Per risparmiarvi la necessità di cambiare pagina, ecco comunque una copia dell'elenco dei più importanti editor di HTML presenti in rete:


Aardvark Pro
Author: Functional Business Systems


Availability: Shareware, $59
Current version: 2.0

Almost Reality's HTML+ Editor
Author: Peter T. Dixon


Availability: Free
Current version: 1.1 Beta Release

Author: Jill Swift


Availability: Shareware
Current version: 2.2

Author: Malcolm Wright


Availability: 1.3 is Free, 2.0 is Shareware
Current version: 1.3, 2.0

Author: Chad Matheson


Availability: Shareware, $25 ($30 AUS)
Current version: 1.08c

DerekWare HTML Author
DerekWare HTML Author is a fully 32-bit Windows 95.


Supports all of HTML 1.0, 2.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 extensions.
Dynamic images, marquee, tables and forms.
Wizards are built-in to save you keystrokes as well as sanity.

Author: Godfrey Ko


Availability: Free
Current version: 1.30

Dummy has been designed to take first-time Webpage authors firmly by the hand, providing a step-by-step guide to Webpage creation using pre-generated style templates and a range of user-selectable options.


Shareware - 14 day trial period

Author: Mike Gebis, NCSA


Availability: Free
Current version:

Author: Mike Sutton


Availability: Shareware (free eval copy available)
Current version: 2.1

Author: GNN


Availability: Free
Current version: 1.1

Author: Stoopid Software


Availability: Shareware, $15
Current version: 1.3

Author: Jeffrey Grover, John H. Davis III, Bob Johnston


Availability: Free
Current version: 6.0d

Author: Trout Software


Availability: Shareware, $29.95
Current version: 3.1

Author: Sausage Software


Availability: Shareware, $29.95
Current version: 1.0024

HotDog Professional
Author: Sausage Software


Availability: Commercial, $79.95
Current version: Build 029

HTML Assistant Pro
Author: Brooklyn North Software Works


Availability: Free and Commercial ($99.95) versions
Current version: 3.0

HTML Author
Author: Grahame S. Cooper


Availability: Shareware
Current version: 4.4

HTML Easy!
Author: Joe Lin


Availability: Shareware?
Current version: 1.3

HTML Handler
Author: Jonathan Reinberg


Availability: Free
Current version: 4.0

HTML Notepad
Author: Cranial Software


Availability: Shareware(?), $30
Current version: 1.19

Author: G. Savard


Availability: Shareware, $15
Current version: 1.0b

HTML Writer
Author: Kris Nosack


Availability: Donationware
Current version: 0.9 Beta 4a

Author: Internet Software Technologies


Availability: Shareware, $29
Current version: 1.5e

HTMLed Pro
Author: Internet Software Technologies


Availability: Commercial, $99.95; free demo available
Current version: 1.1e

Hypertext Master
Author: Mark Titchener


Availability: Free
Current version: 2.5

Internet Homepage Generator
Author: F&L Software


Availability: Shareware, $20
Current version: 1.31

8Legs Web Studio
A powerful, project-oriented web page creation tool.


Shareware - 14 day free trial
Foghorn Software, Inc.

Ned's Speedy HTML Markup Maker
Author: Ned (of course) Gerhart


Availability: Free
Current version: 2.0

Quick and Easy HTML
Author: QIP Software


Availability: Shareware, $20
Current version: 1.01

ReVoL Web Worker
The Premier HTML editor developed for Microsoft Windows 95.


Version 1.3 is now available.

Web Media Publisher
Author: Web Media


Availability: Shareware, $30
Current version: 2.7

Web Spinner
Author: FLFSoft, Inc.


Availability: Shareware, $29
Current version: 1.0

WebThing 3.04
A superb Windows 95 HTML editor featuring a host of toolbars that make designing your own Web page a breeze.



Web Weaver
Author: Mark McConnell, McWeb Software


Availability: Shareware, $10
Current version: 5.0a

WEB Wizard: The Duke of URL
Author: David Geller, ARTA Software Group
Availability: Shareware, $10
Current version: 1.2
Author: Carey Blunt


Availability: Free
Current version: 1.0

Author: Cerebral Systems Development Corp.


Availability: Shareware, $30
Current version: 1.2

Author: Kevin Read


Availability: Shareware, $25
Current version: 1.2.1

Author: Cliff Biffle, Network Safety Corp.


Availability: Shareware, $35
Current version: 0.99c

Author: Q&D Software Development


Availability: Shareware
Current version: 1.2

Author: Jeff Alerta


Availability: Shareware
Current version: 0.14 (beta)

The WebSter's Dictionary
Checks your homepage for spelling errors.

Arachnophilia 1.5 Build 1688 For Win 95 & NT
Author: Paul Lutus
Description: This HTML development tool imports, automatically converts fully formatted text, tables, outlines from any Windows 95-compliant application. Supports up to 6 Web browsers. Supports CGI, Frames, Javascript development. Fully user-customizable toolbars provide frequently used tags. Multiple document interface with full drag & drop capability. Built-in tutorials on HTML development, JavaScript, the Internet. Arachnophilia replaces the formerly known "Webthing" and has many improvements including large documents, multiple user-defined toolbars, and refreshing running browser with new data.

AOLPress 1.2.3 For Win 95/NT

AOLPress 2.0 beta 4 For Win 95/NT
Author: America Online Inc.
Description: A WYSIWYG HTML editor that lets you actually edit on screen without looking at html commands. Many features including better image map handling and "Bird's eye" graphical views (icon tree or listed by name, title, or file type) of all your Web sitet, a spell checker built in, and color and face font attributes, and the new tags for tables that are in HTML 3.2... BETA Note: Support for frames, many other improvements. Authentication capable browser needed, use above name and password to access both the beta homepage or the beta file.

JMK HTML Author 2.02 For Win 95
Author: JMK Productions
Description: The features of JMK HTML Author include HTML 3.0 tags, HTML Document Wizard, easy-to-use forms, Previewing and more.

Anansi beta 3e For Win95/NT
Author: Harry Bosma
Description: A project oriented HTML editor with three level search replace, color and table assistants, an image linker that sets height and width attributes for gif files and much more. But if you want a project manager that tracks your work and knows what has to be uploaded using the integrated FTP client, Anansi has it!

Home Page Wizard 1.22 For Win95/NT
Author: Alexey A. Popoff
Description: If you don't know HTML, and you want something that will guide you step by step and create your homepage this small application is for you.

HomeSite 1.2 For Win95/NT
Author: Nick Bradbury
Description: Automatic, fully customizeable color-coding of HTML tags, Explorer-style pane for easy access to HTML documents, Right-click display of all links within a document, Search and replace text in single files or entire directories, Drag-and-drop, Block indenting, Customizeable toolbar, 32-bit application from the ground up and more. Note, the 1.2 version does not support the built in browser control any more, use your browser instead. Those of you who like the freeware version, try the new shareware HomeSite version 2.0 from the authors page. URL for authors page)

HT Create 1.31 For Win95
Author: Tim Johnson
Description: HTML editor that HTML3.2, Netscape, and Internet Explorer tags, user macros, 4000 levels of undo, tables, frames, image maps support and more.

HTML Edit 1.1 For Win95
Author: Eric Zimmerman
Description: This is a simple editor, not many features there. The author says it's powerful but I don't see the power anywhere, it has a 32 kb file limit, the right button mouse click in the text area didn't do anything

HTMgen32 0.3b (beta) For Windows 95
Author: Jarle Aase
Description: A HTML editor with a different aproach, this manages multiple pages and graphically shows it in an Explorer like window. This is a beta release and seems to work fine, although not as as feature rich as some of the competition this editor could evolve into one of the great ones. Check out the authors page for more info.

HyperGrafx Design It For Win95
Author: HyperGrafx Design
Description: This is a simple to use point & click web page creator for the HTML-impaired. If you don't know anything about HTML then this is for you. Will not teach you but will create your page easily.

Web Designer 1.2 For Win95 - NT
Author: Frontier Technologies Corp.
Description: This is a very good HTML Editor that works in both raw and WYSIWYG modes, supports frames, forms, tables, however there are certain basic for now days functions that are missing- like font size tag support. This editor is part of a larger intranet solution package available from the Frontier Technologies Site.Certainly this editor is a professional job and when all finished will be one of the top editors out there and six duckie material. (Hopefully it will remain free too. :-)

WebWord 1.0c For Win 3.x/95
Author: Carey Blunt
Description: A nifty HTML editor, with user definable tool bars, most standard HTML tags and you can add more yourself, launches any web browser for checking your work. The interface is cool, easy to use and small. This latest release fixes several bugs.

Ned's Speedy HTML Markup Maker For Win 3.x
Author: Ned Gerhart
Description: If tricky "wysiwyg" HTML editor programs drive you nuts and you prefer to see first-hand what is happening with your HTML documents, then Ned's Speedy HTML Markup Maker is for you. This MS Windows program will allow you to easily create new HTML documents, or quickly mark-up existing text documents with HTML tags. Ned's Speedy HTML Markup Maker features a convenient multiple document user interface and toolbars full of an assortment of all the tags most people will ever need to produce handsome, functional web pages. Special toolbars are included for creating HTML "forms", "tables", and lots more fancy html3 stuff as well. There's even a USER-DEFINED toolbar, which will save it's text between editing sessions. A special viewer is included for .gif format images, and it is now possible to search for text using "find..." under the Edit menu.

BBEdit Lite 3.5
Description:drag and drop HTML editor (free version of BBEdit 4.0)

Home Site Free Ver 1.2
Description:drag and drop HTML editor (free version of HomeSite 2.0)

HotMetal Pro
Windows (all)
Description:drag and drop HTML editor (free version of HoTMetaL Pro 3.0)

HotMetal Pro
Description:drag and drop HTML editor 

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