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Wireplay UK
Its Your Turn

GNU Chess
Long ECO
WWW Archivio scacchi
WWWChess 1.0
Chess Renaissance
Internet Chess Library,
Siti scacchi
Ignacio Marin
Searchable Fide
Searchable FIDE
IM Mark Ginsburg
The Maclin Times
SSDF Chess
New In Chess Products
Clubmate - Database Software
Chess Assistant Home Page
Bughouse Chess
ICD (Your move chess
Aegon Man Vs. Computer
Chess on
Another supercomputer challenges deep blue
Don Fong's Home Page - Slics
Duif's Place
Jerry Lawson's Chess
British Chess Links
Chess Space
Chess and Bridge
Aficionado, Inc
Kasparov v Deep Blue
Something Blue vs. Kasparov - IBM Site
ChessBase USA - Lots of Info, Demos & Articles
Chess Cafe - Russell Hanon
Chess Federation of Canada
Chess Federation of Canada Web
World Chess Champions
Chessmaster Mindscape Including chessmaster online
FIDE press conferences
Chessworks Unlimited
Listing of Organizations
PCA Championship:
Chessic Reviews
ECO Codes
Club Kasparov
Reflections On Brute Force
Great Computer Chess Links- Louis Kessler
Chess problems
Chess Variants
International Computer Chess Association Home Page
Macintosh Chess FAQ Homepage
Cyberchess Cafe
The Chess
E-mail Chess - IECG WWW page
Comunidad de Madrid Tournament (Category 17)
Official version
Gennaio 97
FIDE ratings
Gambit Soft
SLICS/ChessBd for ICS
Inside Chess
H3 Incorporated - Harvard Cup &
X-Windows Clients for ICC
Blitzen for ICC
Chess World Magazine (in Italiano)
Connecticut Chess Magazine
Manolis Stratakis
GM Rohde's King's Indian and Sicilian
Steffen Jacob's
Chenard - Win95 Freeware Chess
L'origine degli scacchi, di Sam Sloan
Schachforum der CyberCity
Manolis Stratakis
Xadrez Nas Escolas
Schack (Chess) From Sweden
Las Palmas 1996
Chess Shop
Chess Treasure
Latest SSDF Computer Ratings
John Bain Chess For
Chess On The Net - E-mail
Chess On The Net
University of Pittsburgh Chess
Chess Primer-Jon Edwards
Chess Space
Nimrod's Scacchi In Italian
64 Comandamenti degli scacchi-Pandolfini
Sean Whalen's Bucket of Chess
The Tasc ChessSystem
Tasc Chess Calandar
Inside Chess Online
News from Inside Chess Magazine
Rashid Ziatdinov's Chess Page
Randy Bauer's Chess Page
Search Long ECO
Chess Archives,
Bill Wall's Home Page
CHESS: Rudof Steinkellner, Jr.
United States Chess Federation Home Page (USCF)
Al's Chess
Tournament Web
ChessBase On The Web
Schroder BV
Grandmaster Gabriel Schwartzman-Internet Chess
Chess Informant Home Page

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